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Erythritol Low -Calorie Sugar Substitute 3-Lb Jar

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Product Description

Keystone Pantry – Erythritol Low -Calorie Sugar Substitute 3-Lb Jar

  • Certified Organic, non-GMO
  • Gluten-free, Vegan, Kosher Pareve
  • Packed in a tamper evident reusable sturdy plastic jar with hand grip
  • Wide-mouth screw top making it easy to measure out ingredients
  • No flimsy, easily spilled lightweight plastic bag, with a hard to close zipper closure
  • Low-Calorie Sugar Substitute
  • 24 calories per 100 grams – only 1 calorie per teaspoon

Product Description

Erythritol Crystalline Powder is a low-calorie sugar that is about 70% as sweet as white sugar. The cooling effect of erythritol works best when used with making mints or candies with strong flavors. It will also work with making a low sugar frosting when mixed with cocoa powder for example.


  • Pure Erythritol Crystalline Powder
  • Nutritional Panel per 100 grams
  • Total Calories 24
  • Total Fat g 0
  • Cholesterol mg 0
  • Sodium mg 0
  • Total Carbohydrates g 4
  • Dietary Fiber g 0
  • Sugar g 4
  • Added Sugar g 4
  • Protein g 0
  • Calcium mg 0
  • Potassium mg 0
  • Iron mg 0

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