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Brown Sugar

Keystone Pantry Sugar-Free Brown Sugar Erythritol Substitute 18lb

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Product Description

Keystone Pantry sugar-free brown sugar substitute is unlike many other competitors that combine molasses or fake caramel colorings to make their “so called sugar-free” substitutes. Keystone Pantry Sugar-free Brown Sugar Substitute is used 1 for 1 in any recipe calling for brown sugar. Because it is erythritol based Keystone Pantry Sugar-Free Substitute won’t be every cooks go to ingredient, that is ok because it fills a niche of using an all-natural product to be used in low sugar/sugar free cooking and baking. Keystone Pantry Sugar-Free Brown Sugar Substitute is a tool in every baker/cooks sweetener toolbox. Ingredients: Erythritol, Molasses Extract 18 lb Box

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