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Lang’s Chocolates Chocolate Truffles 48 Piece Box

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Product Description

Lang's finest decadent and luxurious chocolate truffles in either milk or dark chocolate.   Lang’s Chocolates is a family business spanning over generations in the USA. These gourmet chocolate truffles are handcrafted in small batches by an artesian chocolatier to ensure the highest quality possible. Lang’s takes pride in the quality of our chocolates and our commitment to provide the best experience for our valued customers. You’re sure to taste the care and quality in each scrumptious bite. Crafted to perfection, these truffles might just be the best chocolate you will ever experience. Sometimes we just need some chocolate to complete our day. Whether it’s a birthday, rainy day, holiday, special celebration, a treat with our coffee, or just because, these chocolate truffles are ready for whatever the occasion requires. Enjoy some fancy chocolate and upgrade your day. Each box of Lang’s gourmet Chocolate Truffles contains delectable, melt in your mouth, creamy chocolates ready for you to devour. If you’ve been craving chocolate, these gourmet chocolate truffles will hit the spot. PERFECT FOR GIFTS – This irresistible box of chocolate truffles makes the perfect chocolate gift for any occasion. When you need chocolates for gifting for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Hannukah, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Mardi Gras, Halloween, a fantastic thank you gift, or simply want a delicious ready-to-share snack on your coffee table, these decadent confections will not disappoint. Our Truffles are Certified Kosher-Dairy

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Great Gift
Chocolates are a great gift anytime. Everyone loves it! Lang's chocolates are extra special and always appreciated. I have given boxes as gifts before and will order again.

Kim F Davis on Dec 13, 2019

Dark Chocolate is good for you
Wow, the Dark Chocolate Truffles are really 73% Dark Chocolate & they taste amazing! I was so happy I was able to get the 48 piece box with 1/2 Dark and 1/2 Milk Chocolate too!

Donna on Mar 01, 2019

Mmmmmm! Milk Chocolate Truffles!!
I do love chocolate, and I eat more than I should, but the Lang's Milk Chocolate Truffles are ABSOLUTELY the best I think I've ever eaten! So decadent and incredibly hard to stop! Mmmmmm!!

Loretta R Nelson on Apr 25, 2018

Dark Chocolate lover
I will never go back to Govida again.

Unknown on Apr 02, 2018

Better than Godiva
I love the chocolate, but it took a little longer to get it and the size of the chocolate is smaller compare to what I have before. I got my friend change from Godiva to Lang's Chocolate. This is my third order.

Unknown on Mar 22, 2018

Good chocolate
These chocolates were good, but not as satisfying as I had hoped, reading other reviews. I ordered the milk chocolate. The taste of the chocolate was good, but not amazing. The inside of the truffles were not as creamy as I had hoped, they were a little crumbly. Overall I'm not dissatisfied for the deal I got.

Unknown on Mar 18, 2018

Delicious Truffles!
Lang's Chocolates Chocolate Truffles Are A Perfect Dessert With Coffee! Every dinner guest has enjoyed them, and so have I!

JOHNNY HARVEY on Mar 16, 2018

I ordered Lang's dark chocolate truffels for my husband for Valentine's Day. Not only did he love their fresh dark taste but he shared them with me!

judy higgins on Feb 21, 2018

Best Chocolate I ever had
I am a dark chocolate lover that I ordered the box of dark truffles and really love it. All my friends who tried one told me the same. They told me no more Godiva this is even better. I will order more for sure.

Lynn Tu on Feb 20, 2018

Awesome chocolates
I loved these chocolates! My daughter wanted to wanted to take the box home with her!

Melinda Rushlow on Feb 15, 2018

Sweets for my Sweetie
I ordered these for my husband of 35 years. He loves chocolate and thinks these are some of the best he has ever tasted. We will definitely be ordering again.

Kim on Feb 10, 2018

Nice Truffle Texture and Taste
Because of the super cold weather, the chocolate truffles were cold and a little hard...not truffle-like. BUT, I let the rest of them come to room temp, and they are SO YUMMY! The taste is great and the wonderful rich truffle texture is there. So be sure to let them come to room temp, and you'll LOVE these awesome chocolates!

Unknown on Feb 09, 2018

Very nice!
Good deep dark but not bitter.

Unknown on Feb 05, 2018

We are enjoying the 48 ounces of dark chocolate truffles. We purchased through your Groupon ad. We are hoping on visiting your store during the summer.

dave on Feb 03, 2018

Excellent Chocolates!
Fantastic product... unbelievable taste and quality.. Loved them and so did all my guests!

scott on Jan 30, 2018

One Of The Best
Chocolate is my favorite food on the planet! So I have eaten a lot of chocolate in my life and Lang's chocolate rates right up there at the top of the list. Rich and creamy- these are a dream. 5 stars all the way!

DEBBIE FREDRICK on Jan 27, 2018

super truffles
These were some of the best I have ever had. As a little girl my mother made homemade candies and this was the closest I have ever tasted. cudos to you & your company. Definitely will order again.

Carol Brababazon on Jan 23, 2018

Melt in your mouth
I didn't know what to expect when I first opened the box. I tasted one piece and couldn't believe how delicious they are. The chocolate just melted in your mouth. A wonderful chocolate flavor!

Unknown on Jan 13, 2018

Gift to Pharmacy
I gave these truffles as a Christmas gift. The people who works at primary care pharmacy, really appreciated them. They surveyed it as the best chocolate, they had ever had. Very pleased.

Phyllis Pack on Jan 13, 2018

Rich flavor
Truffles are rich in flavor. A bit on the small side compared to others I've had.

Unknown on Jan 12, 2018

Pretty Good!
I'm not a truffle expert, but these were pretty good. Not too sweet and hits that 'chocolate craving'!

Mark on Jan 11, 2018

Best dark chocolate ever
WOW, even one single Belgian dark chocolate is enough to satisfy if you devour it slowly. It is the creamiest and best and most satisfying chocolate I have had.

LindaD on Dec 20, 2017

Deliciously good!
My daughter and I finished these off in 3 days now can you say diet for the rest of the year. Thank goodness it's less than a month.

Bren. on Dec 20, 2017

purchased as a gift
i ordered for a present for someone who has eaten these before and really liked them

ronald painter on Dec 16, 2017

Great truffles
Melt in your mouth

Vivian Hatch on Dec 16, 2017

Best Chocolate Ever
couldnt believe how good this chocolate was.. wish I could get more, for the price I paid

Sheley on Dec 14, 2017

Rich, Chocolaty Taste
These chocolate are very good. I've really enjoyed eating them. They have a real chocolate taste. I got the milk chocolate truffles.

JANE L ANDERSEN on Dec 12, 2017

The Best Truffles Ever
I bought these for my husband's birthday on Dec.7th, but we couldn't wait, we ate 1/2 box the first 2 days.

kathy Mathews on Dec 04, 2017

Dark chocolate truffles
Absolutely delicious.

Mrs. Burns on Nov 22, 2017

Chocolate Lovers Buy !
Deep dark chocolate. Intense flavor.

Louis Briick on Nov 22, 2017