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Keystone Pantry got its start back in 2017 when the owners of Lang’s Chocolates decided that they wanted to start offering more inclusive chocolates to their customers. Not being fans of the bitterness, after tastes, and cooling effects of other alternative sugars, they discovered allulose: a rare natural sugar. This has become a key element in all of Keystone Pantry’s products and a variety of Lang’s Chocolates sugar-free and vegan confections.

As a business that specializes in the rare sugar allulose and allulose based products, customers often ask us: “What is allulose and how do you use it?” Allulose is a natural sugar that is found in most plants. However, it is commercially derived from either corn or sugar beets. Allulose isn’t quite as sweet as sucrose, it’s 70% as sweet. Like most alternative sweeteners, it is low-carb and low-calorie.

When it comes to how to use it, use it anywhere and anyway you would ordinary sugar. Use it to sweeten your coffee, try it in cooking, or use it in baking. Unlike many sweeteners, it browns and caramelizes like ordinary sugar. That said, while its properties are like sucrose, they’re not the same. Allulose will burn faster than sucrose. We recommend baking it at about 25 degrees lower than you would ordinary sugar for the same amount of time.