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Keystone Pantry Brown Sugar

Keystone Pantry – Brown Sugar Substitute – 2 Lb – Sugar-Free w/ Allulose

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Product Description

Keystone Pantry Sugar-Free Brown Sugar Substitute Made with Allulose 2lb bag
  • Gluten free
  • Keto and diabetic friendly
  • Vegan
  • Kosher-Dairy
  • Made with allulose
  • Use 1:1 to replace brown sugar
Keystone Pantry sugar-free brown sugar Allulose substitute is unlike many other competitors that combine molasses or fake caramel colorings to make their “so called sugar-free” substitutes. Keystone Pantry Sugar-free Brown Sugar Substitute is used 1 for 1 in any recipe calling for brown sugar. This unique brown sugar substitute contains allulose, a natural rare sugar, which tastes and browns like regular sugar but doesn't impact your blood sugar. Allulose is not absorbed by the body, so the carbs can be subtracted from the nutritional information leaving us with zero net carbs. Keystone Pantry Sugar-Free Brown Sugar Substitute is a tool in every baker/cook's sweetener toolbox. Perfect for those on a Keto or other specialized diet. Simply use in everyday baking where you would normally use brown sugar. Contains the flavor and aroma of natural brown sugar, making for a perfect alternative. Ingredients: Allulose, Molasses Extract 227 servings per container Serving size 1tsp

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Baked Ham
Worked well in a baked ham recipe. enjoyed it thoroughly

Bernard on Apr 19, 2022