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Lang’s Chocolates Fillable Chocolate Dessert Cups

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Lang’s Hand-crafted Chocolate Dessert Cups

Fillable Chocolate Dessert Cups are just waiting for you to fill them with your imagination.  Our chocolate dessert cups are available in deep dark Belgian Dark chocolate or creamy milk chocolate, measuring 1 inch by 1 inch, holding 1/2 Fl Oz. and easy to pop in your mouth. Gluten Free and Kosher-Dairy. Packed  32 per Tray

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Product Description

Hand-crafted Chocolate Dessert Cups

Lang's Chocolates Dessert Cups or Liquor cups fill with imagination. Perfect for creating indulgent, elegant and visually stunning sweet treats Lang's Chocolates Fillable Chocolate Dessert Cups are just waiting for you to fill them with your favorites! Try liquor, jello or your favorite mousse.  Our chocolate dessert cups are available in Belgian Dark chocolate or Creamy milk chocolate. Enjoy handcrafted chocolate dessert cups size 1 inch by 1 inch and easy to pop in your mouth. These cups are known by many names: cordial cups, dessert cups, shooters, toasting cups. Each Cup Holds 1/2 fluid ounce. Our Chocolate Dessert Cups are Gluten Free and Kosher-Dairy Packed: 32 per Tray
  • GREAT FOR ENTERTAINING – Your guests will be impressed with these fun, fillable dark chocolate cups. Make your own creation like a chocolate mousse cup with a raspberry topping or add your favorite liqueur and pudding as a shooter. These edible mini dessert cups are fantastic for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, weddings, or any other special parties.
  • CHOCOLATE DESSERT CUPS – The options are endless with Lang’s Chocolate Dessert Cups. Simply add mousse, liquor, fruit, or any dessert creation for a special treat. Lang’s Chocolate is handcrafted in small batches and is delicious.

How to Enjoy:

  • Fill them with liquor, wine, mousse, pudding, jello or sorbet.
  • Toast to the bride and groom.
  • Celebrate the Anniversary of a great couple who have been together whatever number of years.
  • Provide Non-Alcoholic Desserts
  • Add them to a Charcuterie Board.
Strawberry Mousse Recipe  White Chocolate Mousse Recipe   

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The chocolate is top notch and was a huge success.
This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve ordered chocolate cups (shot glasses or dessert cups). They have always been perfect. My only issue is that they inevitably arrive partly melted. A bit more than one small ice pack would really be a good idea, especially since they are being delivered to Florida.

Unknown on Apr 07, 2023

Picture Perfect
Delivered right on time and were exactly what I expected. And they taste yummy! Filled them with "chocolate soup" which was a recipe I got from a Lang's ad years ago.

Unknown on Mar 29, 2023

Love these chocolate cups!
We used these chocolate cups in our winery on Valentine's Day first - and people love them so much that we order them year round now - AND still for Valentine's Day. They are made with the best quality chocolate, and are delicious all by themselves, but we put our port wines in them or other desserts, and they're even more delectable. What could be better than a shot of chocolate cherry port in a solid chocolate cup?!

Gail Nordlof on Jan 26, 2023

Absolutely Perfect & Delicious
I have been searching and searching for a cup like this and had been unsuccessful until I came upon Langs. I even tried making them myself which ended up in a major fail. This company is by far the best to work with and their customer service is outstanding. I ordered several boxes of the dark chocolate dessert cups and was thoroughly impressed when they arrived in a styrofoam box packed with ice packets. Not one dessert cup was broken. My husband and I host a huge Polka Party at our house every year and these dessert cups filled with different liquors were the hit of the party. Thank you Langs for making these cups available and thank you so much for your excellent service. I truly will be ordering from you again in the future.

Beverly on Sep 05, 2022

Absolutely Awesome
I found the dark chocolate cups on Amazon in the middle of July. I added them to my cart and became very concerned. Shipping times seemed too long for a heat wave! The cost was astounding to receive my chocolate within a week. I thought it was too risky to buy them so I deleted my order. As a last resort I checked the Lang's website. I was able to save $10.00 and shipping time was cut in half! They arrived professionally packed in a styrofoam cooler with 2 ice packs! Lang's Chocolate cups are delicious and their packaging and shipping is absolutely awesome! Try them with coconut liquor, mmmmm!

Shelly on Aug 14, 2022

And great customer service, to boot! I’d searched all over my hometown (NYC) and couldn’t find chocolate cups. Lang’s had exactly what I needed to make a special birthday dessert. I hate ordering online, but this time it was worth it!

Unknown on Jul 25, 2022

Delicious and perfect
I put fruit with home made compote for a nice dessert and baileys for after dinner drink!! They were a big hit!!

Joyce on Jan 04, 2022

Very impressed with the taste and quality of the cups - exceeded my expectations! Will be my go to from now on.

Byron on Jul 13, 2021

Prefect Pill Cups
These cups have helped entice a finicky 8 yr old into routinely taking her nightly antibiotic. She even gets an empty one as a treat afterwards. Filled with puddings or fruits they have turned what would normally be a negative chore into a nighttime treat.

Bill P on Oct 01, 2020

Great for Jell-O shots!!
Delicious chocolate shot glasses perfect for preparing those special Jell-O shot treats!!

Scott on Jan 06, 2020

Great Shots
Excellent for Jell-O shots cherry with bourbon the shot glasses are always a big hit

Unknown on Dec 28, 2019

Best Cups around
Every year we buy the chocolate and white chocolate cups to celebrate New Years, it is always a hit!

Old Man on Dec 18, 2019

Excellent product!
The dark chocolate shot glasses arrived in perfect condition, not one broken! They were delicious!

Mrs. D. on Nov 30, 2019

Perfect for mini-mousses
The cups arrived very quickly and in perfect condition because of the excellent packaging. I was looking for small chocolate dessert cups for an event dessert and these are perfect. The chocolate is very good and rich ... a perfect complement for my flavored mousse fillings.

Debbie on Nov 13, 2019

Always good!
Arrives on time and in good condition. Sometimes hard to find, but always worth the effort!

Pamela on Nov 08, 2019

RumChata Shots!
I buy these for RumChata shots for a Halloween party and they are a huge hit! They are pretty small so we refill with a paper cup, make-shift funnel so we cherish it a bit longer before eating the whole thing. Fun treat!

Unknown on Oct 22, 2019

Dr. Lounge's
It was brought to my attention that these went over very well in our Dr. Lounge's here at the hospital. I personally wasn't able to try one, however the Doctors were raving over them.

David on Mar 05, 2019

I ordered 2 boxes of the milk chocolate and they arrived in perfect condition. They taste great too!

ame348@aol.com on Dec 30, 2018

Dark chocolate cups
Excellent! Chocolate cups arrived in perfect condition!

Unknown on Dec 06, 2018

A must have!
Lang’s Cocolate Dessert Cups are a must for a holiday gathering! With your favorite liqour of the season, topped with whipped cream, it’s sure to be a perfect ending to the event!

Unknown on Dec 03, 2018

Impressive dessert presentation
I filled milk chocolate and white chocolate cups with cannolis and tiramisu filling to bring to a dinner party. Everyone was impressed with the presentation and the smooth, delicious chocolate cups! They also make a nice hostess gift when presented with a bottle of liqueur.

Mes on Nov 23, 2018

Fun Cups
WE love these cups, we have purchased them before in all the flavors. We have so much fun for the holidays making different fillings for the cups. Thank you.

Dee on Nov 05, 2018

Great customer service
I placed an order over the weekend and realized there was an error in the shipping address. When i called on Monday they quickly made the correction and ensured the order didn’t leave the plant until they had the order correct.

Unknown on Nov 01, 2018

Perfect Party Pleaser
Arrived just in time for our gathering. became the center of attention as everyone picked their favorite liquor to pour into the cups. Although there were two broken cups it wasn't because of the shipping packaging. Came in stylophone box with shipping peanuts and a cold pack to protect it. Looking forward to buying more and having more successful parties.

Dave on Aug 28, 2018

Incredible gift
Great gift for both valentines day, and for birthdays that the whole family will enjoy!

Julia Rivard on Mar 14, 2018

Milk Chocolate Cups
Chocolate light, well balanced. Cups were thick enough be handled when filling and eating without breaking. These delights are good for filling with a single filling or set up a "candy bar" for everyone to fill their own.

Robin on Feb 22, 2018

Great tasting chocolate cups for cordials
Great tasting chocolate cups that are great for wine shots or for flavored cordials.

Unknown on Feb 20, 2018

Very tasty
I must admit when I ordered this I thought they were filled, or that I'd get the truffles...but when it came down to it I got the empty dark chocolate cups, bought some Moose Tracks ice cream for a valentine for my hubby, and we've both been enjoying them...~ 4 at a time. Mousse would be easier to pack, but I didn't have any or time to make it, and as long as the ice cream was out a few minutes they packed fine...only broke 1, working too fast. YUMMY.

Jill on Feb 17, 2018

Delicious dark chocolate
Great taste, not too sweet but not as bitter as a lot of dark chocolate desserts can be.

Sarah on Feb 13, 2018

chocalate cups
The cups were delicious! One quibble- the shipping cost more than the cost of the chocolates I got on Groupon. This was not specified in the beginning but appeared only after one proceeded to checkout.

Unknown on Feb 05, 2018

They arrived all in one piece. I will use them fir a valentine party.

Unknown on Jan 25, 2018

Good stuff!
I bought these as a gift. I've not had any myself, but I am told by the recipients that they are divine! Will definitely consider gifting again.

Theodora DeBarbieri on Dec 27, 2017

Elegantly Simple
Filled with these cups with white and chocolate mousse topped with the fresh raspberry they looked beautiful and taste better! Highly recommend these cups for a quick and easy, fancy dessert tray

Unknown on Dec 20, 2017

Elegantly Simple
Filled with these cups with white and chocolate mousse topped with the fresh raspberry they looked beautiful and taste better! Highly recommend these cups for a quick and easy, fancy dessert tray

Unknown on Dec 20, 2017

Good reports
This was a gift so I personally have not tried it. However, they seemed to really like the product!

Unknown on Dec 18, 2017

not what I thought
I thought (because of the photos) I was buying a desert not a cup to put things in. Very disappointing.

Charles on Dec 14, 2017

Cups not truffles
Trying to redeem my Groupon was confusing. Left phone message & company contacted me within 24 hours but after I had placed my order. Thought I ordered truffles but received chocolate cups, which will make a good gift but little disappointed. My mistake, not Lang’s.

kwilson152@gmail.com on Dec 05, 2017

So many uses for these cups.
These chocolate cups arrived in great condition. None were broke. Can't wait to fill them with something delicious for Christmas!

Vicki Roberts on Dec 04, 2017

Tasty dark chocolate cups
I love chocolate and especially dark chocolate. These cups tasted great and ready to fill.

Michael Hutton on Nov 28, 2017

Arrived in perfect condition! Outstanding chocolate cups
We loved the cups. They arrived well packaged and in perfect shape. We ordered about 1200 of them and only a couple were broken. The chocolate was very high quality and our customers were very impressed!

Alexis Kaiser on Oct 19, 2017

Lang's Chocolate Dessert Cups have been a huge hit with my granddaughter (9), and her friends after school....they put their favorite berry in the cup and a shot of whip cream and pop the in their mouths. They are a hit at birthdays, and adults put them out for guests who fill them with all kinds of goodies.

LANI L LOCUSON on Mar 13, 2017

excellent product
excellent service

Dobrinka Arnaudova-Ilcheva on Feb 09, 2017

Best dessert ever!
These dessert cups were excellent. What a way to end a meal!! Fill them with some whipped cream and your good to go!

Granny Flee on Feb 07, 2017

Wine shots anyone?!
The chocolate is delicious and our customers love them with their favorite wine in them!

Alan on Feb 04, 2017

White Chocolate Cups
I made a ganache pudding with heavy cream and dark chocolate to fill the cups. I topped with heavy whipped cream and added a mint holly leaf made of Royal Icing. They were such a hit at my New Years Eve Party.

Ginger on Jan 04, 2017

After dinner hi light!
First impression when you unseal the box the chocolate aroma is decadent! Served these after Christmas dinner filled with marzipan, fig jelly and crime brûlée! If you want superior quality chocolate- this is it!

Unknown on Jan 03, 2017


Unknown on Dec 20, 2016

Great chocolate
A super quality dark chocolate made into small cups for numerous uses

Unknown on Dec 02, 2016

Perfect Party Shot
Thes are the perfect size to put in your mouth with your favorite shot or brandy! Great flavor!

Unknown on Jul 20, 2016

Item is great. Perfect for parties and can fill with anything. FAST shipping. Easy to buy! A++++

Ashley on May 12, 2016

Dark Chocolate Cups
Looked and tasted great. Filled them with mousse and put a raspberry on top. Guests loved them.

Cheryl on May 10, 2016

Great Chocolate
Item as described. Great quality. Keep in mind the size, these are small and are like "samples". Fast shipping. Easy to order.

Ashley on May 10, 2016

Dark Chocolate Cordial Cups
The cups were great. Nice flavor., very well made.

Unknown on Dec 27, 2015

Excellent quality
Have been buying these every year for a party I throw, a little expensive but superior quality!

Cliff on Oct 07, 2015

A holiday tradition for our family
Our family has come to expect these wonderful chocolate cups filled with chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries during the holidays. They are delicious, a creamy and smooth chocolate. And the dark chocolate is not bitter like some can be. Highest quality, easy to order, shipped in cooled boxes, delivered when promised...how can you go wrong? Order yours NOW!

Unknown on Sep 04, 2015

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