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Let your imagination run wild!

These delicious bite sized treats pair well with your favorite liquors or dessert fillings. Dazzle your guests with little pieces of heaven designed by you!

A good rule of thumb is the fruitier spirits and wines pair best with the milk chocolate, while heavier flavored spirits and wines pair well with the rich dark chocolate flavor. You will love these edible chocolate cups whether you use them to sip a fruity wine or take a shot of your favorite liquor.

A treat to sweeten every celebration…

No celebration is complete without snacks and spirits – so why not have both? With Lang’s Chocolates’ hand crafted gourmet Chocolate Shot Glasses and Dessert Cups, the delicious possibilities are endless. Whether it be a wedding reception, graduation, or holiday celebration, these little cups of creativity are ideal for bringing sweet memories to your gatherings.

Made with high quality chocolate, these gluten free dessert cups are Certified Kosher Dairy. That means you can share them with just about anyone who loves chocolate.