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Keystone Pantry Sweeteners

Keystone Pantry Non-GMO Allulose 3Lb Jar – Natural, Rare Sugar Sweetener

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Keystone Pantry Non-GMO Allulose – 3 Lb Jar Discover non-GMO allulose sweetener. Explore the natural and rare sugar alternative in a convenient 3 lb jar.

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Product Description

Keystone Pantry Non-GMO Allulose- 3 Lb. Jar

Keystone Pantry Non-GMO Allulose- 3 Lb. Jar Features:
  • Gluten-free, Vegan, Kosher-Parve, Keto
  • Diabetic-Friendly, Sugar Alcohol Free, Supports Weight Loss, does not have an impact on blood sugar levels.
  • Low-Calorie Sugar Substitute
  • Natural Rare Sugar Sweetener
  • 21 calories per 100 grams – only 1 calorie per teaspoon
  • GMO free (IGEN tested 9542018)
  • Zero net Carbs
Low Calorie, Zero Net Carb, Keto, Diabetic Paleo Friendly Natural Sugar Sweetener No Sugar Alcohol Soy Free Gluten Free Kosher-Parve Sugar Free

Low Calorie & Low Glycemic Sweet

Allulose has about 70% of the sweetness of sugar at a 1:1 ratio. This Natural Rare Sugar Sweetener is a low calorie alternative to Sucrose (Table Sugar) with no bitterness or aftertaste. Allulose, while having sweetness, is non-digestible which means while it "contains" carbohydrates, there are zero net carbs. Your body is unable to metabolize allulose powdered sweetener.

Product Description

Allulose is a rare sugar, meaning that it is naturally occurring in natural products. It is an ultra-low calorie sugar with only 1- calories per teaspoon. It has the same bulk and browning characteristics as white sugar but almost none of the calories. When used in baking it will brown faster than sugar so may require a slightly lower cooking temperature.
  • A Sweet Swap - Keystone Pantry’s allulose seamlessly replaces regular sugar in all your culinary adventures. From beverages to diet shakes, baked goods to savory recipes, this allulose sugar substitute adds the same familiar taste and texture as sugar, making it a versatile choice for all your culinary creations.
  • Perfect for Baking - Elevate your baking game with this keto sugar. It's your secret ingredient for creating mouth watering cookies, luscious crusts, heavenly caramel sauces, and more. Just swap it 1-to-1 for sugar while still enjoying the incredible taste you love.
  • Dietary Freedom - Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to delicious possibilities! Our keto sugar substitute is a versatile, gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free, and sugar alcohol-free option that's also vegan. No matter your dietary preferences, you can enjoy the sweet benefits.
  • Indulge Without the Guilt - Satisfy your sweet tooth while staying on track with your health goals with our allulose sweetener. It’s low-carb and has just 1 calorie per serving, making it the perfect sugar substitute for your favorite culinary creations.
  • Sweetness for Everyone - If you're looking to manage your blood sugar levels while still satisfying your sweet tooth, our allulose sugar is your solution. With zero net carbs and no impact on blood sugar, it is the perfect choice for ketogenic and diabetic-friendly lifestyles.

Ingredients in our non-gmo Allulose 3 lb Jar

Non-GMO Allulose


Packed in a tamper evident, reusable, sturdy plastic jar with hand grip. Wide-mouth screw top makes it easy to measure ingredients. No flimsy, easily spilled lightweight plastic bag, with a hard to close zipper closure   Want a larger Size Check out our 20lb allulose

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Keystone Pantry Allulose from Lang's Chocolates is my favorite low-carb/Keto lifestyle product to use for Keto ice cream, fudgesicles and salted caramel sauce. It browns like sugar and keeps ice crystals from forming in frozen treats.

Leona C on Apr 27, 2022

I use this in my avocado brownie recipe as a sugar replacement! Fantastic taste and consistency! Love the plastic container with the large opening!

Dave on Sep 15, 2021

This allulose is an excellent product for making frozen treats that are keto-friendly. It has a fine texture making it "dissolve" into the recipe so there's no crunchiness. Recently Dr. Mercola (mercola.com) posted about allulose ability to keep insulin levels low making it a very good choice for diabetics and persons looking to avoid sugar.

Lee Lapp on Jun 06, 2021

This product is excellent for making low carb/keto ice cream treats. Using Lang's allulose is essential if you want your end product to have a creamy, non-icy texture. I use Lang's allulose for keto fudgesicicles (yum!), ice cream and salted caramel sauce.

MsLeeL on Mar 29, 2021

This hard-to-find sweetener was shipped extremely fast!

Eileen Ostrowsky on May 12, 2020

this is the first product that doesn't have that funny mouth feel. i make a simple syrup and use it morning coffee

adelle on May 08, 2020

The sugar substitute arrived in a very nice container which is easy to use with a 1/4 cup scoop, unlike the bagged versions. The allulose came with an explanatory booklet about allulose, which is nice. The sugar granules were smaller and easier to dissolve in tea, unlike other brands, but I noted lumps inside. Just like sugar (sigh). Since the sweetening power is only 75% that of sugar, I mix it with stevia. I use it for tea, not baking, but after I pour hot water to steep, I prefer sweeteners that are powder-based rather than adding liquid which would dilute the tea.

Unknown on Jan 20, 2020

This product is hard to find. Lang's has it at a great price and ships promptly.

Eileen Ostrowsky on Dec 03, 2019

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It tastes like sugar, but it isn't sugar. No higher praise is possible. Sugar is addictive. It is toxic. It causes diabetes, heart disease and so much more. It ruins lives, but we humans are hardwired to crave it. Allulose satisfies that craving, but is neutral or possibly healthful. In the future there will be diabetics who avoid amputations because of this product. More about the product itself: it dissolves easily. It tastes almost exactly like sugar. Perhaps it tastes exactly like sugar; I don't have any white sugar to compare it with. Sometimes I add a little citrus or pepper to brighten the flavor. It tastes better than coconut sugar and monkfruit. It even tastes better xylitol and erythritol. Those are all fine sweeteners. Of course, Allulose tastes far better than stevia, sucralose, aspartame, etc. This is a perfect product. Yes, it is expensive, but it has only recently even become possible to commercially produce Allulose. I'm grateful to the businesses who have made this available. They have done something significant to reduce disease, loss and privation and replace those things with...sweetness. If you want to learn more, do a search like this to bring up credible research: Allulose site:gov

Cristina Yu on Feb 20, 2018

Works great in cookies. Now my husband can have his dessert again. Not quite as sweet, but close.

Jo on Nov 06, 2017

I have been using the Allulose in my coffee and I made almond four chocolate chip cookies. It does behave and have the mouth feel closet to regular sugar and It has not thrown me off my numbers. Also it has not caused any GI issues. I love sugar in my coffee and non of the other sweeteners compare. The Allusoe hit the mark same with better texture with the cookies. Only 4 stars it is not as sweet as advertised so you need more. Like double the amount. That said I think it is the best option if you miss regular sugar and opens up more uses than any other sweetener. It does behave like sugar with no negative effects.

Robert Ginther on Sep 19, 2017