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Nuts & Brittle

Lang’s Chocolates Chocolate Covered Almonds

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Product Description

A classic favorite, so good anytime! Delicious crunchy toasted whole almonds thickly coated in rich deep dark Belgian chocolate or creamy milk chocolate.  SO addictive.
  • Our Chocolate Covered Almonds are Certified Kosher-Dairy
  • Heart healthy 73% cocoa premium Belgian dark chocolate
  • Enjoy heart healthy almonds covered with heart healthy chocolate.
These make a perfect gift for any occasion. (birthday, anniversary, or a Tuesday afternoon) Have you tried these crushed up and put on an ice cream sundae? crush some up and add them to a cake batter for a fun surprise.

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Great Dark Chocolate
For those of us who can’t tolerate milk chocolate, these are a perfect substitute!

Tom on Aug 22, 2022

Never had better
Deliciously chocolaty good.

Unknown on Mar 11, 2022

Yummy ...
so happy to be able to continue to indulge with Luscious Lang's Chocolates from Billtown here on Staten Island. Just Great!

Thomas Grant G Weaver on Apr 29, 2021

Outstanding Chocolates

Tamara Garner on Apr 07, 2021

Yummy for the Tummy
These are one of the best Chocolate covered Almonds i ever had. I just had to try some of their other Chocolate covered items. I can't wait to get them.

Cindy Pretzer on Apr 14, 2018

Yes! Amazing!
I rarely use the word amazing for candy or anything else for that matter. I find that few things are. I tried lots of different varieties of Lang's and find the quality superior and consistent across the products. These are the best chocolate covered almonds that I have ever tried. I would not hesitate to give Lang's chocolates as a gift.

mary atkinson on Mar 04, 2017