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Quick & Easy Brownie and Chocolate Mousse Shot Glass Desserts

Lang's Chocolates offers a sampling of decadent and luxurious hand-crafted chocolate treats.

Posted by lang-admin on Oct 09 2023


  • Lang’s Chocolates Chocolate Shot Glasses (Milk or Dark)
  • 1 box store-bought chocolate mousse mix
  • Enough milk to make the mousse as required by the box mix recipe.
  • Your favorite brownies, cut into small wedges for garnish


  • Prepare the chocolate mousse mix per box instructions
  • Be sure to have enough small brownie wedges to garnish each shot glass .
  • Crumble or dice remaining brownie.
  • Using a piping bag with a small star tip (or just a sandwich bag with the corner snipped off) pipe a small amount of mousse in the bottom of each shot glass .
  • Add a layer of brownie.
  • Alternate layers of mousse and brownie until the shot glass is full.
  • Pipe a swirl of mousse on top and garnish with a brownie wedge.

A great treat to share with the kids anytime. You can also try adding chocolate liquor for Adult Night. Yum!